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Programmes Management and Consultancy

Since its foundation in 1989, FDC has gained considerable experience and acquired undisputed expertise in the management of highly strategic and complex programmes and in consultancy services for national governments, European institutions and International organisations.

Our technical know how in high technologies and systems, in-depth knowledge of the full range of their applications and the specific characteristics of each user community combined with a perfect understanding of the political, regulatory, institutional and industrial environment all go to provide our added value.

As a financially and legally independent firm, FDC is able to advise decision makers fairly in their strategic and business orientations. We are also widely recognised among Industry players as trusted partners capable of successfully coordinating and managing large international consortia.

FDC offers a wide portfolio of professional consultancy services including:

  • Support to high-level programmes definition, implementation and management;
  • Project steering and guidance;
  • Political and strategic analysis;
  • Business development and marketing;
  • Setting-up and managing high-level groups;
  • Stakeholders’ consultations (i.e. industries, users, governmental representatives, etc.).

Our already wealthy and consistently growing network of contacts is a key asset for instance when looking for particular expertise in setting up high level groups or gathering feedback from key stakeholders.

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