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Research and Development

In its on-going support of customers' Research and Development strategies since 94, FDC decided in 2006 to increase its own R&D activities targeting product development on a few focussed domains, in particular Security (e.g. Geo/Time Stamping with EGNOS, GNSS Authentication) and Maritime (e.g. AIS/LRIT).

FDC associates its deep expertise in navigation, communication and information Technologies with special knowledge of:

  • Development languages (e.g. C/C++, Java, PHP, Perl, SQL),
  • Databases (e.g. MySQL, Access, Postgre SQL, Oracle),
  • Networks (e.g. Ethernet, Wireless, TCP/IP, Routing protocol),
  • Windows and Unix environments,
  • EDI standards (e.g AECMA 2000, EDIFACT, XML).

Research activities are supported by the use of Simulation Tools such as HTZ Warfare with 3D terrain modelling, Satellite Tool Kit, Pegasus or Matlab tools.

Developments already performed encompass:

  • Civil systems, e.g. Data Collection Centre of an EGNOS demonstrator for Latin America,
  • Military systems, e.g. GPS PPS Monitoring Station operating 24/7 in the French MoD,
  • Commercial applications, e.g. integration of EGNOS on a PDA/GSM for Tourism application,
  • Electronic Data Interchange, e.g. to increase Rafale fighter aircraft maintenance efficiency.
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