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FDC performs a wide range of studies from technical, operational, and economic to security studies and supports horizontal processes like standardization and certification of systems and services.

Technical Studies

Our technical studies go from identifying and analyzing user needs, performing technology surveys and defining systems missions up to systems specification and architecture design. We also carry out technical and functional analysis, feasibility studies on new concepts and threat and vulnerability assessments.

Operational Studies

Our technical excellence combined with our deep knowledge and experience in civilian and military field enable us to combine technical and operational studies. Starting from the analysis of current situations and requirements in terms of missions, operational functions and equipment, we provide our customers with solutions and trade-offs to satisfy operational requirements, meet costs and control technological risks.
Our studies are often backed up by simulations to assess, for instance, systems performances under particular conditions. These simulations are performed using professional software tools such as HTZ Warfare, PEGASUS, MATLAB; or STK.

Economic Studies

FDC regularly performs market surveys and contributes to cost-benefit analyses. Through market surveys, we provide our customers with a clear picture of today's market in terms of systems/technology uses/applications, equipment volumes, service revenues, etc. We identify the trends and forecast market changes in order to provide our customers with solid information on which to base their strategic decisions.

Security Studies

Our longstanding expertise in security is backed by several tens of studies carried out for the French MoD and in the last ten years for the European Institutions. FDC facilities and personnel have obtained high level security "NATO", "Defense" and "EU" clearances starting from the early 90s.

Horizontal studies

We are supporting standardization and certification processes in particular in the Aviation, Maritime and Security domains.

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