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Over the last 10 years, FDC has achieved a high level of navigation expertise in the aviation sector, in particular through the various contracts for EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, the Galileo Joint Undertaking and the European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA), as well as the French MoD.

FDC skills take in regulatory, technical and operational aspects for both civil and military air navigation. Our team includes experts with general aviation and military pilot experience who are actively involved in various European and international fora such as ICAO NSP, ICAO Mid Office PBN/GNSS TF, RTCA SC159, EUROCAE WG28 and WG62, Eurocontrol NSG, LATO, RATF and CNS FG, and NATO NC3B SC8.

FDC main areas of expertise include:

  • GNSS and air navigation:
    • Civil air navigation (GAT) and operations;
    • Performance Based navigation: concept, requirements, airworthiness and operational approval requirements;
    • Radionavigation systems and equipment (RNAV, VOR, DME, MMR, ILS, INS, GPS, Galileo, SBAS and GBAS), flight management systems;
    • Civil aviation regulations, aviation standards and air operation regulations;
    • SESAR ConOps and implementation plan;
    • Standardization of GBAS to support CATI/II/III operations;
    • GNSS integrity and Sole Service concept;
    • Introduction of Galileo and EGNOS in aviation;
    • Support to Middle East for GNSS technical and institutional assistance;
  • Integration of Military Aircraft in Civil Airspace:
    • Military air navigation (OAT) and operations;
    • Military aircraft programmes management;
    • Civil and military airworthiness certification;
    • CNS military systems and equipment (GPS PPS, EGI, TACAN, Nav Computers, Link 16, IFF etc.) and related standards;
  • ATM Security:
    • Security of Navaids, Radar and Air-Ground Communications;
    • Threats and vulnerability (Interference, jamming, spoofing).

FDC - 10, Cours Louis Lumière - 94300 Vincennes - France - Tel.: +33 1 53 66 11 11 - Fax : +33 1 53 66 11 00