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Environmental Monitoring

The European Earth Observation programme Copernicus is considered as a flagship programme of the European Union. Initially called GMES, the programme was launched at the time of the "Baveno Manifesto" in 1998.

FDC has been involved in Copernicus since the early phases of the programme through successive support actions and service contracts carried out for the benefit of the European Commission:

In 2002 - 2003, FDC supported the European Commission in organizing the five user forums aimed at fostering dialogue between all parties involved in monitoring and producing information for environment and security policies.

In 2005 - 2006, FDC contributed to organizing four implementation workshops dedicated to identifying the requirements associated to sustainable implementation of Copernicus services.

In 2007 - 2011, FDC performed numerous dissemination and awareness actions, notably in the context of the European Space Expo (the travelling exhibition of the European Commission dedicated to Copernicus and Galileo).

In 2012 - 2015, FDC coordinated a Framework Contract dedicated to user consultation and information and aimed at supporting the implementation of Copernicus initial operations.

Since 2015, FDC is involved in two major Framework Contracts dealing respectively with user requirements for the evolution of the next-generation Copernicus Space component and with user uptake.

With all these years of involvement in Copernicus, FDC has gained an in-depth knowledge of the programme and its major institutional and industrial stakeholders. This knowledge is combined with a strong knowledge of the Copernicus services and their application domains.

FDC is a member of the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC).

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