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Since 2003, FDC has become actively involved within the Maritime and Inland navigation domain, serving Government, Industrial and Institutional customers. The expertise within FDC covers operational, regulatory and technical aspects of commercial Maritime activities globally.

FDC has actively participated in the fast changing Maritime Communication, Surveillance, Monitoring and Navigation sectors through participation on International and European fora such as the IALA and the EMRF. It also took part in a number of Research initiatives at European and National levels. FDC has worked with and for initiatives from the European Space Agency (ESA), European National Space Agencies, the European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA) and the European Commission (Directorate-General Energy and Transport and Directorate-General Maritime).

FDC main areas of expertise include:

  • Radionavigation
    • GNSS solutions for all phases of a ships voyage;
    • Maritime applications use cases;
    • Input to regulatory instruments through EMRF;
    • Input to European Radio Navigation Planning process;
    • Authentication requirements of Maritime applications;
    • Novel stand alone solutions for positioning and guidance in ports and waterways;
    • Marginal navigation and underkeel clearance;
  • Radio Communications
    • Evolution of terrestrial ad-hoc Communications to facilitate maximum range and equality of information for safety of navigation;
    • Broadcast and two-way low data rate and broadband satellite communications for safety of navigation applications;
  • Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Services;
  • Proactive wide and local area situation awareness for safety of navigation and Vessel Traffic Services;
  • Technology requirements and user needs for Monitoring of Automatic Identification System (AIS) from Satellite;
  • Long Range Ship Reporting Techniques;
  • Correlation of GMES and AIS.

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