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Security and Defence

Over the last 20 years, FDC has acquired a high degree of expertise in the Defence and Security fields. Since 1989 the French MoD is a recurrent FDC customer enabling it to develop special knowledge in the field of Military and Security systems and technologies.

The resulting expertise is combined with an in-depth experience of institutional aspects, decision-making processes and industrial environment. FDC Defence and Security activities are mainly performed in an international context in cooperation with military and civilian organizations and agencies such as NATO, EU/GSA, EUROCONTROL and ESA.

The following are among our leading achievements in these fields:

  • FDC was one of the initiators of the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) (e.g. paper presented at the ION GPS Symposium in September 1998).
  • FDC performed the first feasibility study on Galileo Authentication functions (FDC won the award for best paper in NAVSAT 2003 for an article on this subject) and studied further Galileo Authentication capabilities in the EU FP6 project GAC and in CNES Research and Technological Development activities.
  • In the Cryptography field, FDC has supported SAGEM SA in the GalileoSat phase C0 (ESA) with its expertise in cryptology for the Design of a Galileo PRS Test User Receiver and Security Module.

It should also be mentioned that FDC has renowned skills in the field of satellite systems simulation. Our company has successfully completed several technical studies for the French MoD, EU/GSA and EUROCONTROL related to the behaviour of navigation systems in GPS and Galileo jamming or spoofing environments.

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