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Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping Activated for Forest Fires in Latvia

EMS Information Bulletin

Near the border between Latvia and Estonia, emergency response teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are battling a major fire. The fire ignited during the night of 31 July in Northern Latvia’s Ramata parish, Mazasalaca Municipality and Limbaži District. As a result of high winds and drought conditions, the fire is spreading. Media reports there are approximately 80 firefighters on the scene, including two helicopters – one from Latvia and one from Lithuania.


The Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service activated the EMS Rapid Mapping component on 1 August to produce one delineation map, showing the extent of the burn, and one reference map, showing local geographical features.


The maps produced are available on the EMS website: Activation EMSR301.


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The delineation map of Ramata shows 2.26 square kilometres (226.3 ha) affected by the burn (Copernicus EMS © 2018 EU, EMSR301 – Delineation Map: Ramata)


The reference map of Ramata shows 587 inhabitants, infrastructure and geological features in the area around the fire (Copernicus EMS © 2018 EU, EMSR301 – Reference Map: Ramata)


An in situ image of the fire (credit: Latvian Fire Service)



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