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Detecting Ground Motion thanks to Synthetic Aperture Radar

Ground Motion Detection

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) can measure a variety of observables including topography, ocean currents, ground moisture change, and surface deformation from glaciers, earthquakes and volcanoes.


Data obtained from SAR, in combination with sophisticated location procedures, can help monitor nuclear tests, create better models of the elastic properties of Earth’s interior and assess seismic hazard.


Possible applications of SAR products include infrastructure monitoring, sewage monitoring, oil field and mining sites monitoring. Other applications includes scientific studies and seismologic monitoring.


Several companies in Europe are already using Synthetic Aperture Radar data from several satellites including Sentinel-1, COSMOS-Skymed or TerraSAR-X.


The main specialties of those companies are the oil & gas, the mining and the infrastructure sector.


On 4-5 July 2017, experts will meet in Oslo, Norway to discuss the technical, validation and verification details of a “Ground Motion” concept for Copernicus.


You can find presentations from previous Copernicus workshops on this topic here:



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