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Call for Interest

The project FabSpace 2.0. is launching a Call for Expression of Interest for selecting 7 news FabSpaces. FabsSpaces are open innovation platforms, fully dedicated to the emergence of space data applications in universities.


FabSpace 2.0 aims at making universities open innovation centres for their region and improving their contribution to the performance of societies. The project is focused on geodata-driven innovation, by leveraging space data in particular.


Thus, Fabspace is simplifying and standardizing the access to geographic data in order to facilitate their integration in space application prototypes and to increase universities open-innovation process involving different stakeholders. To date, an online platform for Earth observation and geospatial data has been established in 6 different regions of Europe.


Taking into account the nature of your differents activities, we think that you could be interested by applying to become a new FabSpace.


Application to become a new Fabspace shall be submitted by sending a “Letter of Interest” using the template annexed, accompanied by the application form duly filed in. The deadline for presenting application is 30 September 2017.


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