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New Copernicus-related H2020 calls have just been published!

H2020 Calls

In the context of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, three Copernicus-related calls have just been published today:






The dealine for these 3 calls have been set in March 2018.


For more information, please visit their dedicated webpages.



Space hubs for Copernicus


This call aims at supporting the activities of the Copernicus Relays and Coperncius Academy - without overlapping with the different activities already financed under Copernicus.


It would consist in (i) organising joint initiatives of interest to the network and its members; (ii) sharing communication tools to ensure updates about the latest Copernicus-related activities; (iii) develop publications and reference lectures for training on Copernicus data and information use; (iv) fostering user uptake and spin-off strategies of the members, notably by interacting with the Copernicus entrusted entities, Copernicus partners and local actors; and (v) supporting the organisation of events and initiatives at local level to promote Copernicus to potential users.





Space outreach and education


The main delivery of the action shall be an initiative capable of attracting the interest of a significant number of students towards space and space-related themes, while creating at the same time a relevant impact on their families and the general public in terms of news coverage, social-media interest, stakeholders’ involvement.


The key advancements of the European space programmes - whose Copernicus is a key element - should be given a privileged position, but the main objective should remain attracting the interest of students for space, space-related subjects and steer them towards education paths in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.





Copernicus market uptake


Proposals should address a wide variety of applications stemming from the use of Earth observation and its smart integration with other related technologies. Copernicus should be considered as part of the solution which may include other space or non-space inputs. This should lead to greater value, opportunities and especially market uptake.


As long as the Data and Information Access Services (DIAS) are operational at the time of the publication of the call for proposals its facilities leveraging on the big data collection and processing should be part of the proposed application. Alternative cloud computing providers may be used in the case DIAS is not operational at the time of the publication of the call for proposals.




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