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Summer heat to test Copernicus programme’s prediction service

Copernicus Climate Change Service

The ECMWF-run Copernicus Climate Change Service is testing a new service that will make available seasonal forecasts and longer-term climate change predictions of river flow and other hydrological conditions.


With much of Europe having experienced unexpected warmth already this summer, it is natural to ask whether and for how long this heatwave will continue.


In this context, the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) has designed a service that would provide climate change indicators and seasonal forecasts for key hydrological variables such as river flow, soil moisture and precipitation.

A pre-operational proof-of-concept version is now available here.


Another complementary system, named EDgE, has been developed by the service: it will similarly provide hydrological information and predictions through a user-friendly web-interface.


The aim of this combined service for Europe is to provide meaningful information and guidance for climate impact assessments in the water sector. This year could provide a good test of the experimental system, as current conditions suggest much of southern Europe could be heading for a sustained heatwave.


Access the full press release here.


(Source Copernicus Climate Change Service)

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